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The Observatory

Your front row seat to the collision of wellness and tech

Technology for a more mindful future The presence of technology in our lives is ubiquitous. It’s always buzzing in your pocket, it’s in your home answering your questions, it’s your navigator in your car, and it’s on your desk at work. It's a distraction from the peace we crave, but what if technology could assist

Happy Holidays! I am fresh off of this years Transformative Technology Conference in Palo Alto with much to share. To preface this experience I would like to inform you of a new practice which I plan to continue until the new year: A content detox, 60 days of reducing my intake to as little as I can while

I’m back from a dusty week and a half, feeling a bit like the event should be renamed “Building Man” from an extensive week of build that ran into even longer days during the event as we finished camp structures and layout. The running joke is, “Everything is perfectly dialed in right around Sunday afternoon.”

It’s getting even busier at Andromeda. Hot on the tail of the upcoming release of AudioTrip (which you should wishlist on Steam now) we are prepping for SoundSelf’s closed Beta. SoundSelf is a first in its kind, a technodelic, and brings a never before seen psychedelic VR experience to life. It’s a momentous time for transformative entertainment.