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No drugs required.

About us

Andromeda Entertainment exists to give you mind-altering and consciousness-expanding, wellness experiences that are fun, like games should be. No drugs required.

Our goal

We want you to know that games are good for you. You began life by discovery  through play. Let’s awaken the world to the understanding that games are the tools of mind-building and self expression.

Audio Trip

The VR Dance Game That Makes You Move


A Technodelic Meditation Experience

Microdose VR

An Interactive Art Creation Platform

Deep VR

A Meditative VR Game You Control With Your Breath

Cards for Connection

A Game For Communication, Imagination, and Expression

Group Flow

A Technology That Connects A Group Through The Witnessing of Bio-feedback

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Recent Events

You may bump into us at the party! We bring unique experiences to conferences, festivals, spas, and wellness centers. Andromeda Lounge is a place for you to fill your cup, engage in divine play and be rejuvenated! We would love to host you, so come say, “hello!”

A transformational experience designed to produce specific positive state change for participants using cutting-edge consciousness-hacking techniques.

Engineering the Future of Human Possibility — Leveraging Tech for Mental Health, Wellness & Joy

Exploring the frontiers of psychedelics, consciousness, technology and their growing intersections.

Envisioning radically beautiful possibilities for the future of self, culture and society.

2019 /BDY HAX

A conference on human augmentation, transhumanism, biohacking, bioethics, and cyborg culture

What kind of experience are you looking for?

You can feature the Andromeda Lounge at your own event, or we can install a more permanent environment in your spa, clinic or wellness center. You can also arrange speaking engagements, interviews and podcasts with our founders. We're open to opportunities to work with you, let us know what kind of experience you're looking for.