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Say hello to
the Andromeda Lounge

About our installations

Immerse your patrons in wellness entertainment with our lounge designs for  events, festivals, conferences, spas, and wellness centers.

We provide environments that combine cutting edge technology and wellness services to entertain & rejuvenate your visitors.

How it works

The Andromeda Lounge serves as a space to relax, connect, and be re-calibrated.

Participants decide which therapies to partake in, and we offer a wide array, including: sound, song, movement, body vibration, massage, bio-feedback devices, light frequency, aromatherapy, and many more.

Positive impressions

Your curated lounge space is focused on wellness and therefore your patrons feel supported and cared for. That means higher client retention and more positive reviews from both customers and PR channels.

Interactive entertainment

We create fully interactive entertainment experiences at events. In addition to being a hub for immersive tech, the lounge provides a comfortable, grounded space to connect with others, hydrate and relax before and after immersive experiences. It can scale up or down based on your event’s needs.

Other offerings

Immersive decor & lighting
Vibro-acoustic Sound Lounge mattresses
Tea House / hydration station
Massage Therapists
Silent Disco Guided Meditation
Supportive Staff

These immersive experiences establish  the new genre of Transformative Gaming: inner, embodied journeys with the accessibility, safety and playfulness of home “entertainment”.