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XR Helps Your Vibe Attract Your Tribe

Welcome to our newest conscious co-creators to the newsletter, and for those who have stuck with us, thanks for being here. Thrilled to be able to share these thoughts with you.

It’s been a whirlwind at Andromeda HQ (still) as we prep for the early access launch of AudioTrip…more on that later.

Our online presence continues to grow as we carve out the transformative gaming space, including a shiny new website. We’re pretty thrilled to have a solid platform to share our message and create change. 

A question I have been pondering

How can XR experiences gamify the real world and reward you for self growth?I was recently on a podcast speaking about the connection of the real world “Matrix” we live in day to day and the ever evolving matrix we are creating in VR.

As we all know, the universe has laws based around frequency and vibration, that is encoded into our DNA, and the atoms of everything else in existence.

So the question came to me, what if we can amplify that intelligent design through our biometrics and virtual reality biofeedback in a social game? With all the biohacking technology trends being focused on recovery and performance we have become obsessed with metrics. HRV, EEG, EKG, body temperature, calorie burn rate, sleep patterns, respiratory rate, etc., etc…It seems almost unhealthy how much we are tracking our health. It puts our heads back down into our devices to tell us how we are feeling, how we are supposed to feel, and how one day we could feel.

The next pop culture wave will be focused on consciousness hacking, tapping into our brain wave states, sleep patterns, and somatics for the ultimate state changes. Dropping into theta state on command and lowering our heart rate at will.

These consciousness hacking experiences are now being turned into immersive games. What’s next? Add a layer of social constructs and open multiplayer worlds that could emulate “your vibe attracts your tribe”.

Real world experiences like stress, anxiety, depression, and lack of motivation are being met with real world solutions in a compelling, enjoyable, gamified way.

I am imagining an Oura ring, Fitbit, or Apple Watch measuring your Heart Rate Variability, (HRV) connecting you to everyone in the virtual world that is resonating at the same frequency. I imagine walking into an ice temple and having to take the headset off, and going to a local cryo-therapy center with your bio-tracker, to monitor your ability to stay calm in the coldest environment possible.

HRV can show a lot on its own. Combined with other easy to track biometrics, we can see someone’s stress levels, vitality, mood swings, meditative abilities… everything.

You would glow like a beacon if you are truly dropped in, attracting people far and wide in a virtual social platform. Your breath-work abilities can level you up and you can teach others your methods when they approach you.After all, biohacking tech is really just amplifications of our natural world…. Cryotherapy is like standing in the Arctic, Float Pods recreate a fetus in a womb, light therapy is a digital form of sun gazing, and Pulsed Electromagnetic Field (PEMF) devices amplify the earth’s magnetic field.

These experiences are amazing, but are they fun?

The revolution of wellness will be the revolution of wellness entertainment.

Projects I have my eyes on

Wolves in the Walls

An Emmy Award winning movie designed by Fable Studios takes us into a VR world where you can actually interact with the characters. This has been at the front of storyteller’s minds since this technology became available, and now it’s here.

Game Loading: Rise of the Indies

I do not plan to keep this newsletter as a linear portrayal of the XR industry. Some projects are the most recent global news, and some are independent documentaries made over 4 years ago. Not only is this a thought provoking piece on Independent games and what it looks like to step out of the world of shooters and car racing, but our awesome CEO Robin has a spotlight in it as well!

The latest with our titles

AudioTrip Early Access October 24 | We are launching with a Jumbotron Ad and a flash mob in the middle of Times Square.

Join us as we celebrate the definitive dance game in VR, stay tuned on socials @audiotripvr as we will be broadcasting the campaign from Times Square and throwing a huge party in the process.

If you live in NYC and want to participate you’ll get free swag and a downloadable version of the Early Access build upon joining the dance party.

The latest with Andromeda

Psychedelic Science Summit

Andromeda will have an interactive VR space at MAPS first ever conference in Austin, TX. Our core team will be at the VIP dinner Friday night (Nov 1st) and in attendance the rest of the weekend. Please stop by and say hi, or ping me before the event begins so we can coordinate some time together.

Wisdome Official After-Video and Dome Tour

Check out this after-video from our big showcase event at Wisdome over the summer. It wraps up a wonderful event, and includes awesome moments of our team sharing the mission and passion behind Andromeda.

Andromeda also has early plans to launch a planetarium/dome tour in the coming months to showcase our titles and bring our experiences to the masses.

More to come on this soon!

Stay Blessed,