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Soundself Beta is here!

It’s getting even busier at Andromeda. Hot on the tail of the upcoming release of AudioTrip (which you should wishlist on Steam now) we are prepping for SoundSelf’s closed Beta.

SoundSelf is a first in its kind, a technodelic, and brings a never before seen psychedelic VR experience to life.

It’s a momentous time for transformative entertainment.

“these more sacred influences are beginning to seep into gaming”.

Robin Arnott, CEO Andromeda Entertainment

Experiences like MicrodoseVR & SoundSelf are leading this shift.

The space is blooming with games that aren’t about blowing things up, or competing. These are games that help you come into deeper intimacy with yourself through play.

Can games deepen and advance self-actualization? We think so.

Even with so many choices for entertainment, most are geared towards “unplugging” or completely “checking out.” They aren’t embodied experiences, they don’t bring you closer to your bodily sensations and in many cases, pull you further away from them.

SoundSelf is turning that trend on its head as the first truly psychedelic virtual reality experience.

As a key member of the transformative gaming movement, I want to invite you to join the SoundSelf closed Beta. Your feedback and wisdom will help us bring a truly transformative title to market.

I look forward to partnering with you on this Beta, now let’s dive deeper into the wide world of transformative gaming…

A Question I have been pondering

Could VR location-based experiences take the place of theaters, amusement parks, and art galleries?

Spend time at VR World, Virtual Room or Sandbox VR and you will quickly realize that future is already here.

Many theme parks already integrate VR & projection mapping into their rides, including Fast and the Furious, Harry Potter, and Transformers. The market is blossoming, even Void is expanding to 25 new locations. It’s happening.

There is no better time to witness this shift in person (especially if you fancied an excuse to hit a theme park).

What do you think? Are VR location-based experiences the next big thing?

Projects I have my eyes on

A few weeks ago I shared a project in our pipeline that included turnkey pods for VR. There are a few companies that manufacture pods and bespoke solutions for setups at room-scale, such as Exit Reality and Creative Works.

I’m not sure if they use springboard’s software stack or have their own, but I’m intrigued.

Speaking of interesting VR setups, these cabinet systems from VRsenal and Vrleo have my attention. Sure they require some special engineering on the software side to work, but I have a hunch they can be more lucrative in the long run. What do you think?

The latest with our titles

SoundSelf Beta is live!

I know, I mentioned it earlier but it’s worth repeating. After many years, this Beta is happening and keys are being distributed as we speak. If you want to be a part of it, follow this link and apply for your key.

AudioTrip is better than sex?

It depends on how you define “better,” but the Virtual Reality Institute of Health & Exercise has confirmed that AudioTrip’s full-body dance VR experience is 3.47x better than sex – at burning calories.

“For 20 years, healthcare professionals have been telling the fitness community that video games are the enemy of being physically healthy. That is no longer true. We have new tools with VR and AR that are inherently built around physical movement. VR games — especially those games like Audio Trip that are designed around full-body movements like dance — can be as effective a form of cardiovascular exercise as popular sports or going to the gym.”

Aaron Stanton, Director of the VR Health Institute

We can’t claim it’s more FUN than sex (although a few of our fans on social media have), you’ll have to try it for yourself to decide.

Read the full report from the VR Institute of Health & Exercise here.

The latest with Andromeda


We have officially partnered with Tripp!

We couldn’t ask for a better partner in the world of VR wellness. We’ll be helping Tripp distribute their content & hardware far and wide as an enterprise contract.

This partnership beautifully aligns with our mission to bring transformative content to the masses. Dynamic, like-minded partners like Tripp will help us do that across all aspects of the VR space.

VR Storytelling

And before you go, an older but great TechCrunch article that sets the stage for us diving into the world of VR storytelling…more on that soon.

Stay blessed,