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Join us in publishing immersive experiences that are as transformative as they are fun.

Contact Information

Robin Arnott, CEO

(212) 945-8094 


Year Founded



Number of Employees







$180,000 remaining of

$600,000 SAFE


Valuation Cap

$5,000,000, post-money


Use of Funds

62% Audio Trip Marketing

34% SoundSelf Development

3%   Research


Total Raised to Date

$1,300,000 bootstrapped

$270,000 raised externally

Introduction |  Andromeda’s opening PC and VR games challenge the public understanding of what a game can do: Audio Trip invites players into a dance flow that burns up to 1000 calories per hour. SoundSelf effortlessly guides the player into a deeply meditative state of consciousness. 

State of the Market | 88% of millennials spend a quarter of their disposable income on wellness, and 66% of them own a gaming console. However, there are very few opportunities for players to have body-and-soul centering experiences through the platforms they use every day.

Opportunity | Virtual Reality is entering a watershed moment: First, VR games began earning more than 12x their monthly revenue on Oculus Quest (the first standalone VR solution, released May 2019). Second, games-giant Valve strategically assembled their largest development team to date to produce Half-Life: Alyx (slated for March 2020) to begin converting the 100M PC gamers on Steam to VR as the new gaming medium. Andromeda’s opening slate of VR titles offer a meaningful counterpoint for this massive economic migration.

Revenue Model | We finance and distribute titles on B2C gaming platforms (Oculus Store, Steam, Epic, etc.), and license them to partners in wellness B2B. Andromeda retains 30% – 60% of the title’s revenue.

Execution Plan | We are marketing Audio Trip and SoundSelf to the consumer VR market while building a B2B distribution network for transformative gaming. Our first partnerships will place our games in 10 wellness lounges and interactive art venues, 20 Fortune 500 offices. 50 planetariums, and 100 float centers. Revenue from consumer gaming platforms will be reinvested into future titles that can further expand our distribution network to include hospitals and cannabis lounges. 

Current Traction | 

  • 500 sales of Audio Trip in its first month in Early Access.
  • 3000 closed-beta purchases of SoundSelf to-date.
  • Currently in R&D for installing SoundSelf into the largest float-spa network in the country.
  • Early SoundSelf Brainwave study demonstrates psychedelic-like EEG patterns during play, and a sharp decrease in activity in the Default Mode Network (associated with ego and mind-wandering)

The Team | Robin Arnott – Chief Executive and Founder – inventor of SoundSelf and public speaker on technology and spirituality | John McClellan – Chief Financial and Founder – management consultant | Heather Ray – Chief Creative and Founder – transformative experience designer | Lyle Maxson – Chief Strategic – luminary of transformative event partnerships, peak perfomance practitioner, and X-Live Festival Entrepreneur winner | Aequitas Luck – Lead Developer – winner of the prestigious IGF award for Desktop Dungeons | Swan Chen – Creative Director of Marketing – amplifies experiences that invoke flowstate | Topher Sipes – Visual Creative – Award winning VRtist