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Fresh insights from the Psychedelic Science Summit

Welcome to another bi-weekly transformative entertainment update!

A special welcome to all the Psychedelic Science Summit attendees that signed up last weekend and got to try out one of our titles- SoundSelf.

Thank you for dropping in with us! If you signed up and didn’t get a chance to try it, we will keep you up to date on upcoming events through this newsletter. Our next showcase is at PAX South this January in San Antonio.

For those of you who are Austin locals, you can send Heather an email to stop by our office and give it a try.

Question I have been pondering

The Psychedelic Science Summit and a screening of the new Fantastic Fungi documentary has me really thinking about the intersection between technology, entertainment and therapy.

What are psychedelics if not nature’s most sophisticated tech?

We have always seen our upcoming title SoundSelf as the collision of centuries-old meditation technology with the videogame trance; an immersive digital psychedelic experience achieved without drugs. We call it a technodelic.

My question is what if these “technodelics” can not only prepare you for Psychedelic assisted therapy but can get to the point of being just as effective as an outside substance?

Pandora Star and Lucia Light therapy do a pretty good job at it visually, and our friends over at Light Pump (local to Austin) have everything else dialed in outside of the visuals (ie. Guided breathwork, haptic feedback bed, aromatherapy, bodywork, and a freaking didgeridoo vibrating on your chest)

Then there’s more sophisticated all-in-one technologies like Brain Tap.

But the question still remains, how far down the healing path can this transformative technology take us when it comes to trauma, depression, and mental illness?

I’m thinking of a VR experience where you can look at yourself in the mirror (like in Harry Potter- the Mirror of Erised and the Boggart🤓) and it shows your greatest memories, fears, and ambitions. What could something like that do to our psyche? Once our greatest fears are realized we can move past them, or when our favorite memories are relived through 360 immersion and gratitude washes over us.

Then, there are the new Biohacking wearables that will make this much more visceral.

I mentioned at the end of my last newsletter a headband that takes magnetic fields from any known substance and simulates the feeling through soundless frequency into your brain. This company exists, and after trying it last week I can say, it works. Soon, our games will- “have the feeling of adrenaline or dopamine playing through the device, making you more alert and focused on the experience at hand. Have a drink in the video game, and feel the effects in real-time. Caffeine playing through your body without ingesting countless Red Bull or Monster drinks…” – from the founder of the tech brand I can hardly stand keeping secret from you! (not for long 😉)

I am only starting to see the possibilities of how this technology can expose us to deeper parts of ourselves.

Projects I have my eyes on


Not a VR game but a gorgeously designed experience that has quality reviews. The purpose is to watch your world evolve as your mindfulness increases, simple and beautiful just how it should be.

Midi Sprout

With this device, you are able to turn the plants’ biorhythms into music. About two weeks ago I spent the evening running around a friend’s front yard trying this device on every plant I can find. I had such a childlike sense of wonder, stunned by the difference in sounds coming from each species. The rose bush sings so incredibly different than the mesquite tree, all with their own signature and story to tell.

And then, there are artists using this type of technology to create whole soundscapes and albums of content from their personal greenhouse choir, Mileece is based here in LA and I am determined to stop by and visit her sometime soon.

Upcoming Events

Transformative Technology Conference

Novemvber 15 – 16 | Palo Alto, CA – Myself and our beloved CEO Robin Arnott will be attending the conference this weekend. I am beyond excited as this is my first year and I have a VIP pass to attend the magical dinner Friday night as well. Hope to see you there!

PAX South

January 17 – 19th | San Antonio, TX – We will have a large activation at this one! Filled with our latest titles and a nice meditation area to escape the conference craziness and drop in with yourself and like-minded attendees.

Company Updates


Robin and I have decided to create an Andromeda Podcast focused on many of the topics covered in this newsletter. The intersection of wellness, entertainment, and technology.

We have some legendary guests already lined up for the roll-out of this and we can’t be more excited.

The links to this will be shared as soon as we create it, the planning stages have commenced!

Our titles


We have a new scientific study and more to come in the upcoming weeks. We are very excited to showcase what our experience does to your brainwaves on a consistent basis, click here for more.

Articles I have been Reading

15 consumer tech trends coming in the near future

Smart Fabric Haptic Touch for Oculus Quest

Dopamine fasting

Finally, Andromeda sponsored the Psychedelic Science Summit and showcased with our amazing facilitator and SoundSelf’s visual director Topher Sipes!